Anastasiya Kvitko Rocks A Revealing Black Dress That Showcases Her Extreme Curves

Anastasiya Kvitko took to Instagram on Saturday to prove once again why she is known as the “Russian Kim Kardashian” of social media. She posed in a revealing ensemble and shared a couple of different views, challenging her millions of followers to choose a favorite.

As is often the case, Kvitko’s ensemble came from the online brand Fashion Nova. The black ensemble perfectly suited the Russian model’s style, as she loves to flaunt both her confidence and her extreme hourglass figure.

The initial photo showed Kvitko from the front. Her brunette tresses were styled in loose waves that gently framed her face and tumbled over one shoulder. She kept the setting simple, allowing her beauty to shine, as she stood against a plain white wall.

Kvitko looked off to the side as she was photographed and her hands rested gently against her hips. Her skirt was skintight and ruched along the center, showcasing the curves of her lower half. Her midriff was exposed thanks to the cutout in the middle of the garment and the extremely low scoop of the neckline exposed a significant amount of cleavage.

“You look beautiful in that dress gorgeous girl,” one fan commented.

As revealing as this initial view of the garment was, the back was equally as stunning. The second photo showed Kvitko’s curvy backside, her booty on full display.

The ruching continued from the waistband to the hemline in the back. It was also a somewhat sheer fabric, which meant that Kvitko’s fans got quite the eyeful with this angle.

Kvitko added strappy black sandals to complete the look and cocked a hip to accentuate her slender waist and full figure. Her supporters seemed fairly equally divided in noting whether they preferred the first or second view.

“No disrespect to your front, but I vote Back. YOWZA,” one person declared.

“Front and back very beautiful. you look so good. Very beautiful dress,” another fan praised.

The model’s 11.4 million followers may have had a tough time deciding on a favorite view, but they weren’t torn on whether they loved the post as a whole. It took less than an hour for more than 32,000 likes to pile up on the post and almost 900 comments poured in during that time as well.

“Both sides, you are so lovely,” someone else declared.

Social media’s “Russian Kim Kardashian” almost always goes to the extreme when showing off her notorious figure and this revealing black dress was definitely no exception.