Alexandra Daddario Rocks Skimpy Bikini & Roommate Warns Her That She's Spilling Out Of Her Top In Funny Video

Alexandra Daddario and her two roommates got wet and wild while goofing off in a pool. The three women attempted to do a water aerobics workout together, but Alexandra was in danger of suffering a wardrobe malfunction before she even began jumping up and down in the water. The trio's antics were captured on film and shared on Alexandra's YouTube page on Friday.

The 34-year-old Baywatch star wore the same flesh-toned bikini that she was photographed rocking in one of her recent Instagram photos. Her skimpy swimsuit top left little of her ample cleavage to the imagination. Its neckline scooped down low enough that one of her roommates, Morgan Nalley, had to warn her that she was popping out of her top as she strolled near the edge of the pool.

"Your nipple's falling out," she said.

"The whole boob."
Luckily, the slip wasn't caught on camera, so the women didn't put themselves in danger of violating YouTube's nudity policy. Alexandra readjusted her top and leaned down in front of the camera to check it before joining her roommates in the pool. As she bent over, she received a compliment on her "tush." Her viewers also got a glimpse of her pert posterior and her bathing suit's cheeky back as she walked away from the camera.

The True Detective star and her friends performed a brief aerobics routine by hopping up and down in the water as they moved their arms around. Alexandra eventually gave up on the exercise, deeming it "terrible." She decided to work on her swimming skills instead, but she failed to impress her other roommate, actress Kate Easton.

"Thank god you're only a lifeguard in a movie," she quipped.

Alexandra did, however, prove that she could haul both of her friends on her back as she pretended to rescue them. She then switched gears and executed a synchronized swimming move by ducking her head underwater and sticking her legs up in the air.

"That was actually really good," Morgan said.

The video also included footage of Alexandra singing the song "All That Jazz" from the musical Chicago. While she channeled Velma Kelly, her pals informed their viewers that Alexandra recently wrapped filming on a movie that required her to sing, but someone else's voice was later dubbed over her vocals.

Alexandra's YouTube viewers didn't have a lot to say about her singing, but her entire video received rave reviews.

"She knows what we want, and she delivers. She does not disappoint," wrote one fan in the comments section.

"Giving the people what they want in these trying times," another message read.

"Thank you for bringing some sunshine and cheer into this otherwise miserable year," a third admirer remarked.