Casi Davis Snaps Revealing Selfies Of Her Curvaceous Body In A Teeny Bikini

Casi Davis poses backstage at the KYBOE! fashion show during New York Fashion Week.
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Hot YouTuber and fitness model Cassandre “Casi” Davis tantalized her Instagram followers with a gorgeous view of her hourglass curves in her latest upload, sharing a pair of mirror selfies that spotlighted her bodacious hips and thighs. In the pics, the stunner wore barely-there bikini bottoms that emphasized the swell of her curvaceous lower body, while also completely baring her flat tummy thanks to their plunging, V-shaped waistline.

The navy blue number had a minuscule front that left barely anything to the imagination and merged with the thin side straps that came up high on her hip bones. The piece accentuated her waist, drawing even more attention to her assets with a vibrant turquoise stripe going across the lowest point of the swimwear.

Casi coupled the skimpy item with a cropped wetsuit top, which sported a graphic print that mirrored the curve of her bikini bottoms. The clingy garment had long, fitted sleeves that highlighted her slender arms and a frontal seam running through the middle of her chest, drawing the eye to her braless curves. The white top cut off at the ribs, leaving much of her toned midriff on display for her audience to admire.

The bombshell completed her beach babe look with a braided hairstyle. She rocked a shiny navel piercing, adding some extra bling with a set of rings on her fingers. She further accessorized with a stiletto manicure, painting her nails a subtle skin-toned color.

Casi posed in a bathroom for the steamy update. She was standing in front of the sink, holding up her phone in front of her face. The gesture concealed her beautiful facial features, keeping the focus on her enviable physique.

The first pic shared with fans saw her propping her knee up on the sink counter to show off her strong, curvy thigh. She pulled back her shoulder and arched her back, flaunting her supple midsection. The sizzling blonde stood farther back from the counter in the second pic. Just like before, she pulled back one shoulder, twisting her waist at an angle that ensured all eyes were fixed on her trim flank. Her legs were slightly parted, luring the gaze to her voluptuous assets.

Followers went crazy over the enticing photos, rewarding the post with more than 47,500 likes and 316 messages. Casi penned a flirty caption for her selfies, leading her eager fans to drop gushing remarks in the comments section.

“When the braids come out, you turn into a savage,” quipped one person.

“Literally perfect wow. That body,” wrote a second Instagrammer.

“Yeah I’d believe those hips,” commented a third fan.

“Motorsport Lewk,” opined a fourth Instagram user, adding a coconut and flexed-biceps emoji.

The double update came just one day after Casi stunned her following with a sexy bikini look while posing on the deck of a yacht.