Alexis Ren Puts Cleavage On Show In Sexy Black Dress

Alexis Ren wears a white dress.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Alexis Ren shared a hot new photo with her Instagram fans on Friday and it has received lots of positive attention. She posed in a sexy black dress and showed off her cleavage for the occasion.

She stood facing the camera and hugged herself, glancing to the side and offering a hint of a smile with her lips closed. The blowing wind gave her hair some volume and she exuded summery vibes.

The dress had a low neckline that flattered her figure and featured very thin straps. Her bikini tan line was also visible in the shot. The rest of the ensemble was difficult to discern thanks to the crop of the photo, which only showed her from her waist up. The dress appeared to have a green tone, based on the edge that was lit up.

Alexis simply accessorized with earrings, a charm necklace, and a bracelet.

Directly behind her, a rectangular pool with bright blue-green water surrounded by brick pavers could be seen. A building was partially visible and many tall trees — including some palm trees — made up the background. A clear blue sky rounded out the shot. The sun shone down on Alexis from the right side of the frame, leaving her skin looking glowing and flawless.

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Vibe switch

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The update seemed to be a big hit with her fans. As of this writing, it has garnered over 394,000 likes. Many of her admirers took to the comments section to leave their compliments as well.

“Ahhh you’re so beautiful,” gushed an admirer.

“Blonde [sic] is so you,” a second user declared.

“Love! i just did the same,” shared another social media user.

While Alexis used to be a blonde, she hasn’t sported that hair color in awhile. In fact, until just recently, she had been rocking a brunette look. Her new hair color appeared to be a big hit among her fans, however, as many seemed to comment on the change.

“Sweet sweet perfection baby! i love you so much!” exclaimed a fourth follower.

This is hardly the first time Alexis has taken to the platform to share a flirty snap with her fans. Just two days ago, she uploaded a picture that featured her lying on a colorful and graphic towel on a well-manicured lawn. She rocked a tiny black bikini and propped up her knees, placing her hands by her head. She wore her hair down, apparently soaking up the rays as she smiled with her lips closed. A large dog rested next to her head.