Yuliett Torres Flaunts Toned Bod In Bright Blue Workout Gear

Yuliett Torres has been on fire on Instagram. Although she already shared one photo series of photos on Friday, she treated her fans to yet more content. For her most recent upload, she showed off her toned figure in workout gear.

The series consisted of three snaps. In the first one, she stood with her body angled toward the camera. She placed her hands by her ears and glanced down with a smile. Her hair, which she wore brushed behind her shoulders, seemingly blew in the wind.

The bright blue workout ensemble popped in the picture, especially against the white building that served as the backdrop. The set was made of textured fabric and her bra had a low neckline that allowed her to flaunt her cleavage. The leggings fit her tightly and a high-waisted, V-shaped waistline that highlighted her sculpted abs.

In the next image, she stood in the same spot and gazed into the distance with her lips parted. It was hard to miss her curves again, as this time, her derrière could also be seen.

The next shot offered a different angle of Yuliett’s look, as she apparently knelt with her hands on her upper thighs. The photo was taken from a low vantage point and helped emphasize her hourglass figure.

All of the snaps were taken on a sunny day with clear skies. Although the background glowed in the light, she posed in the shadows. The second story of the building had a small ladder that led to a rooftop. A small fence along the perimeter was also visible.


The update has been liked over 55,100 times so far by Yuliett’s adoring fans, with many heading to the comments section to leave their compliments.

“Simply beautiful,” gushed an admirer.

“I love you yuliett.torres,” a second user declared, using a string of blue heart emoji.

“Just so beautiful a woman to fall for,” raved a third supporter.

“Beautiful photo,” a fourth devotee wrote.

Yuliett also shared another flirty update on July 17, that time striking a pose on a bench outside. In the first photo of the three-part set, she wore a dark blue bodysuit with an open back and crisscross straps. She straddled the seat and placed her hand on the inside of her thigh as she gazed into the distance with a soft smile. Behind her, a chain-link fence that led to a grassy area in the distance could be seen.