Bri Teresi Flaunts Cleavage, Taut Frame In Tight Crop Top & Mesh Pants

Guess girl and social media influencer Bri Teresi continues to populate her Instagram feed with revealing snapshots, allowing for an ample showing of her incredible cleavage in her most recent photo update. The Friday, August 14, post found the model posing in a tight, white crop top that left her sculpted abdominal area and navel completely bare and prominently accentuated her bust line.

Meanwhile, her long, toned legs were draped with mesh net pants that similarly allowed for a showing of skin.

In the caption that accompanied the steamy snapshot, the alluring 25-year-old credited the photography firm Dreamstate for the shot. Judging by the multitude of positive replies left in the post’s comment thread, Teresi’s fans equally appreciated Dreamstate’s handiwork and the runway star’s statuesque physique.

“Wow that’s a cute picture,” opined one admirer.

“The lighting in this is so good it’s ridiculous,” appraised another user.

“You look gorgeous and sexy in that outfit,” wrote a third fan of Teresi’s form.

“Omg absolutely gorgeous,” stated another commenter, who added, “I’m so in love with u.”

Teresi was captured leaning over a chair in the photo and firing a seductive gaze directly into the lens of the camera. With the bare toes of her right foot affixed to the ground, she lifted her opposite leg and rested the corresponding knee on the chair’s arm next to her left hand. All the while, she playfully tugged at the shoulder strap of her top, which was tied together in the middle just below her shapely bosom, revealing more of her body in the process.

Scanty though it was, however, the garment just managed to keep her NSFW areas masked from the camera’s view.

The way in which Teresi posed with her back arched provided a pleasing accentuation of her sinuous form. Furthermore, her netted pants emphasized the slim, athletic nature of her legs. The image was completed by Teresi’s sultry glare, which was made all the more tempting by the way in which she parted her full, pink lips slightly. The manner in which the lighting scintillated against her wavy blond locks also enhanced the shot.

Teresi’s latest offering on her popular feed ultimately became another hit for a large contingent of her million-plus followers on Instagram, accruing nearly 5,000 likes in just a few short hours. Moreover, tons of comments like the ones above were shared by her fans.

As posted one day earlier by The Inquisitr, Teresi also flashed her nearly bare buns in a sexy shower snap recently.