Catherine Zeta-Jones Wants To Save Her Marriage: From China?

There was much speculation at the recent Emmy Awards Ceremony about the absence of Catherine Zeta-Jones in China whilst her (still) husband was receiving the best actor prize.

The reason for the confusion is that there have been so many reports that the two of them actually want to save the marriage, especially her. The Daily Mail reported less than a month ago that she didn't want to divorce Michael but that he felt that life is too short for all the misery they've endured over the last few years.

It seems that the fact that Cameron, 34, Michael's eldest son from his first marriage, being in prison for drug related offenses, drove some sort of wedge between them.

Nevertheless, the rumors are that it is Catherine, 43, who is putting in most of the effort to save the relationship. "The marriage is effectively over. Catherine is fighting to save the marriage but he's had it. Michael has been through so much in the past few years… Reconciliation is not on his radar anymore, " a source told the newspaper.

It's an open secret that Michael and Catherine have suffered many hardships over the past three years of their relationship. Firstly there was his battle with throat cancer in 2010. Then there was her ongoing struggle with bipolar II disorder.

And the final straw was when Cameron was sent to prison in 2010 for dealing meth and cocaine out of a NYC hotel room. He is not expected to be released until 2018. "Cameron is in solitary confinement and hasn't seen his father in an eternity, as he can't have visitors. Michael is beside himself. It consumes him," the source says.

Michael, 69 in two days time, and Catherine have their own kids, Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10. Since their separation, Michael spent time in Sardinia on vacation, while Catherine was at home with the children in New York.

So, with Michael now talking about the separation being temporary, will Catherine-Zeta Jones return from her China trip in a different frame of mind? We'll keep you updated.