Mother Charged In Death Of Toddler Mauled By Dogs

A mother has been charged in the death of her toddler that was mauled to death by a pack of seven dogs. Summer Laminiack has been arrested for child cruelty in the death of 21-month-old Monica Renee Laminiack.

Three adults were reportedly present in the Laminiack home, but sleeping, when the toddler escaped through a dog door. Monica wandered into the backyard with the family’s seven dogs and was brutally mauled to death.

As reported by NBC News, the family became aware of the situation when the grandmother, Michelle McIntyre, woke up and heard the dogs barking and looked out the window. McIntyre was stunned to discover the seven pit bulls dragging her granddaughter’s body around the yard. She immediately screamed for help, but it was too late.

Authorities arrived and found the child dead. Police recovered shoes, a diaper, and shredded clothing that was found scattered throughout the yard.

As reported by WTOC, detectives have stated that the wounds indicate the dogs were attacking the child for an extended period of time. The severity of the wounds, including near decapitation, could not have occurred over the span of a few minutes.

All seven dogs, considered family pets, were euthanized. The Laminiack family insists that the dogs had never displayed any signs of aggression toward people and were always gentle with the toddler.

As reported by, authorities found the dogs well cared for and did not find any signs of neglect or mistreatment.

Monica’s 18-year-old mother has now been charged in the death of her toddler. Authorities contend that the mother is responsible for her daughter being mauled by the dogs.

Mother Charged In Daughter's Death

Summer reportedly surrendered to authorities yesterday. She has been released on $5,000 bond. Summer and her attorney have refused to comment on the mother’s arrest, or charges that she is responsible for her toddler being mauled by the dogs.