Deborah Tramitz Goes Braless Underneath An Open Denim Jacket While Posing In A Field

Deborah Tramitz is slaying Instagram yet again. The German model traded in her bikinis and lingerie for a sexy denim outfit in her most recent upload, and her fans certainly seem to be loving the change.

The Friday morning upload included two photos that captured Deborah posing in a large field of tall grass. She bent one of her lean legs at the knee and popped her hip out to the side as she worked the camera, which was positioned at the perfect distance to capture a full-length view of the model in the first image of the set. The second photo offered an up-close look at the star as she flashed a smile and gazed off into the distance with a sultry stare.

As for her look in the shot, Deborah opted for a trendy denim-on-denim ensemble that did nothing but favors for her incredible physique. The outfit included an oversized denim jacket that was cropped just above her navel, offering a peek at her flat stomach and abs. It had an edgy tattered hem and silver buttons, which she opted to leave unclasped to reveal that she was both shirtless and braless underneath.

The move made for a racy display of the star’s bare chest and voluptuous cleavage. Her audience, however, did not seem to be bothered by the NSFW showing of skin.

Deborah teamed the light wash jacket with a pair of Daisy Dukes that took her ensemble to the next level. The bottoms clung tightly to the model’s hips and hit just at the top of her toned thighs, leaving her bronzed legs completely exposed for her one million followers to admire. Meanwhile, its waistband sat low on her hips, where it accentuated her trim waist and slender frame.

Deborah completed the racy look with a pair of clean white sneakers. She left her long locks down, styling them in a deep side part that spilled over her shoulders in loose, messy waves.

In the caption of the post, Deborah asked her followers which of the snaps they liked best — a question many took to the comments section to answer.

“2 and just gorgeous sweetie,” one person wrote.

“Love number one,” quipped another fan.

“Both!! You’re incredible attractive and simply amazing,” a third follower praised.

“Wow. So beautiful and those legs are gorgeous,” added a fourth admirer.

The double-pic update has also racked up over 14,000 likes within 12 hours of going live.