Beardaments Continues To Grow Viral Buzz After Successful ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Beardaments appears on Shark Tank.
Eric McCandless / ABC

Many companies come to Shark Tank hoping not only to score some funding to fuel their growth but also to generate some viral buzz that will help them better connect with potential customers. Beardaments already had the second part down long before it appeared on the ABC reality show.

The unusual business, which sells lights and other decorations that can be fashioned into beards to celebrate the holidays, had been growing its buzz in the years leading up to its December 2019 appearance. By the time ABC revisited the original episode in August 2020, the outfit has continued to build on that success and add to its momentum.

As Business 2 Community reported, Beardaments founder Jacon McOmber appeared alongside son Cooper in the episode, telling the sharks that he noticed an unmet demand for beard decorations that he decided to fill with his own small business. The company has since expanded to include things like beard glitter and oil along with its offerings of accessories and decorations, the report noted.

Beardaments was able to score a $150,000 investment from Kevin O’Leary in exchange for a 25 percent stake, but it also got some big praise from the show’s other investors. Many of them took to social media to praise Beardaments for being able to successfully capitalize on its viral attention, which had been building over the course of several years, including at The Inquisitr, which first covered the unique offering in the 2017 holiday season. There have been a number of positive write-ups from online news outlets and others who highlighted the unusual product on Twitter and other social media.

Though only O’Leary thought it was worth putting in his money, others have plenty of positive things to say about the outfit.

Beardaments has continued to get good reviews from customers, including many who have a penchant for sharing pictures on social media of themselves showing off the product. In the days and weeks after the episode aired, many shared holiday-themed pictures of themselves, with a number of them tagging the company to further its viral success.

It’s not clear how much Beardaments may have grown its revenue, as it came to Shark Tank already with roughly $700,000 in annual sales and growing at a clip of roughly 50 percent in the year. But the attention it has received after being featured on the ABC reality show, along with the infusion of cash to help handle the expanding demand, seems to point to further growth.