Niece Waidhofer Stuns Her Fans While Wearing Tiny Panties & A Crop Top As She Relaxes In Bed

Niece Waidhofer tantalized her Instagram fans with yet another provocative photo shared on Friday afternoon. The social media vixen shared a snapshot of herself relaxing on a fluffy white comforter in bed while wearing nothing but a tiny pair of panties and a cropped tee.

In her caption, she joked that she wanted to be the reason one of her followers might look down at their phone at work and wind up being sent to human resources since her outfit is so skimpy and scandalous.

She added to the jest by inserting "New Employment Opportunities" into her geotag.

Her caption makes total sense when you look at the pic as a whole. The stunner posed for the photo by lying facedown, propping herself up on her forearms while scrolling through what appeared to be her cellphone.

Thanks to the angle of the image, Niece's famously curvy booty was on display. Her itty-bitty undies did little to hide her cheeks, especially as the fabric barely covered the entire expanse of her butt. The ragged hemline clung to her rear.

Adding to the overall sexiness of the picture was her top, which was cropped and rode up her stomach, giving her fans a view of her slender waist, back, and sides.

Niece's gorgeous face and soft smile were visible, especially because she pulled her long dark hair into a ponytail, allowing only a few stray tendrils to remain loose.

It looked like the snapshot was taken on her bed, as there were a few decorative pillows visible behind her. Two were monogrammed with the letter "W," possibly indicative of her last name.

It did not take long for her recent update to rack up more than 60,900 likes and over 900 comments. Niece even responded to some of her fans in the comments section.

"Well if I'm going to HR then it should be because of you," wrote one fan.

"NSFW = Niece Safe For Work," joked another.

"Had the boss walk up behind me just now. He asked me to put my phone away," said a third person.

Among the many users showering Niece with compliments, there were a few that teased that they could look at her Instagram feed as much as they wanted to because they were currently working from home.

"Can't get caught/sent to HR when working from home!" chimed in a fourth user.

Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported that Niece had shown off her fantastic glutes yet again while wearing cheeky briefs.