Sommer Ray Shows Off Her Purple Winnie The Pooh T-Shirt In New Set Of Pics

Sommer Ray returned to Instagram on Friday in order to show off a set of pics where she took in the summer sun dressed head to toe in a purple outfit.

The first picture in the set of 10 featured her drinking a coffee-colored beverage as she pressed down on the straw hard enough to get it to fold down, flashing a funny and flirtatious look while doing so. Sommer's blond hair was allowed to hang down loosely and frame her face while the top of her head was adorned with a purple bandanna.

Sommer was dressed in a purple T-shirt with a picture of the happy little bear, Winnie The Pooh, on the front. Alongside the pics was a caption where the Instagram model said this was one of the few times her millions of followers would see only two rings on her fingers.

She also joked about the fact that she often includes several different snaps in her posts. She proclaimed it was probably because she was "indecisive."

The second photo showed more of Sommer as she smiled while squatting in the lawn outside of a house. The full-body shot also gave viewers a look at the jean shorts she wore to complete her summer afternoon look.

The shot also showed off her long, tanned legs and her feet. She sported white socks under a colorful pair of tennis shoes.

The third shot once again had Sommer sipping on the straw, though this time, she stared more seriously at the camera.

The other pictures in the stream featured Sommer in various poses, including one where she nearly touched the ground with both knees as she leaned forward and looked directly at the camera. There was also one photo where she decided to be a bit goofier. In that picture, she stuck her tongue out of her mouth while she smiled.

Sommer's post received more than 167,000 likes and nearly more than 1,000 comments in just an hour after she put it on Instagram. Her fans expressed quite a bit of admiration for the shoot, which stood out from her usual postings because of its relaxed setting.

"Omg you are actually perfect," one fan wrote alongside a yellow heart emoji.

"The slides are wholesome, we love em," another follower said.

"So beautiful," another fan of Sommer's simply said, adding two drooling emoji.

The shoot had a slightly different vibe than some of the most recent photo sets that showed her either in the gym or wearing fancy nightwear.