August 15, 2020
Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Tucker Carlson 'Triggers Some Of The Crazies In Society To Start Threatening Me'

On Friday, during an interview with The Washington Post's Geoff Edgers, Dr. Anthony Fauci took aim at Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Mediaite reported.

"I flip around the channels at night, which I probably shouldn't. And I found this guy -- you know this guy, Tucker Carlson? You heard of him?" Edgers asked.

Edgers then pointed out that Carlson has viciously attacked Fauci on numerous occasions, noting that the anchor once referred to the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) as "Lord Fauci."

"I'm not concerned about what he says," Fauci said.

"It's a little bit -- I think you could say that when he does that, it triggers some of the crazies in society to start threatening me, actually threatening, which actually happens."
"I mean, who would have when I was in medical school doing things to save people's lives, I'd have to be going around with a security detail? That's really ridiculous," the NIAID director concluded.

Carlson has repeatedly questioned Fauci's expertise, suggesting that the official is politically aligned with the Democratic Party and opposed to President Donald Trump.

As The Hill reported, Carlson slammed the public health expert as a "fraud" and a "buffoon" earlier this month, accusing him of pushing a left-wing agenda.

The anchor argued that Fauci -- who is a leading member of the White House coronavirus task force -- is helping the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, win the election. He also blamed the doctor for the recession caused by lockdowns and other restrictions.

Still, The Hill noted that Fauci -- who has advised six presidents, including Barack Obama -- remains exceptionally popular.

For instance, a Quinnipiac University poll found that 65 percent of American voters trust the NIAID director. In the poll, 86 percent of Democrats said that they trust him. Fifty-two percent of Republican voters said the opposite, which suggests that the public is divided along partisan lines.

Tucker Carlson speak onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.
Getty Images | Rich Polk

Fauci has previously discussed the apparent backlash to his work amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, he said that his family has been getting death threats, alleging that his daughters need security to fend off harassment.

Fauci has publicly expressed opposition to Trump's ideas. Notably, the two men clashed after the commander-in-chief suggested that the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine could help fight COVID-19.

The White House has repeatedly questioned Fauci's credibility. In July, Trump's allies criticized the expert for seemingly changing his opinion on face masks and social distancing.