Kelly Ripa Praises Daughter Lola Consuelos For Her Physique: 'If I Had Your Figure, I'd Be Showing It Off Too'

Kelly Ripa has some big -- and a bit graphic -- praise for her daughter's physique.

In the first-ever Family Issue of People, the 49-year-old talk show host sat down with her 19-year-old for a wide-ranging interview that eventually found its way to Lola's sense of fashion and her figure. In the interview, the teenager revealed that she had sometimes stolen clothes from her mom's closet because she wanted to wear "something that showed off my figure."

Kelly said she more than understood the sentiment, praising Lola for her physique and saying she would show it off as much as she could.

"If I had your figure, I'd be showing it off too," she said as the two sat down for a chat with a forest as the backdrop.

"I'd be sitting here naked. I'd be sitting here, no clothes on, in the woods."
Kelly had even more praise for her sense of fashion, saying it would be impossible for her to choose just one thing to steal from the teen's closet.

"The one item of clothing that I would wear from my daughter's closet is every article of clothing she owns," she joked. "If I could pull off your clothes, I would in a heartbeat. You've got the chicest sense of style and you wear everything with confidence."

As The Inquisitr noted, the rare sit-down between the famous mother and daughter has already been generating some buzz ahead of the magazine issue's release. In another segment of the conversation, Lola joked about her mom's "disgusting" habit of leaving very flirtatious comments on her dad Mark Consuelos' social media pages and posting shirtless pictures of him. Kelly admitted that she purposely does things to embarrass her kids, and Lola agreed that it was embarrassing.

"I blocked that out of my mind," Lola said of her mother's "thirsty" Instagram pictures and comments. "I forgot that you even did that."

As the interview showed, Lola and her mother have a very close relationship, which is something that viewers of Live with Kelly and Ryan already know. The host frequently talks about Lola-related developments, including the time last fall when the teenager went away to college for the first time. Even though Lola was only traveling a few miles away to attend New York University, Kelly revealed that she was struggling with letting go while knowing that Lola needed some time on her own to establish herself and settle into her new environment.