WWE News: Former Superstar Claims Company Was Upset About Him Getting Over With Fans

Miro -- who competed as Rusev in WWE -- was a guest on the latest episode of The Ryback Show. During the conversation, he revealed that the company was upset with him for becoming popular on Total Divas.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, the former superstar claimed that officials regretted the decision to include him on the reality series as he showcased too much charisma. He was being presented as a monster on WWE television at the time, and the man behind the character didn't demonstrate those traits.

"They think that exposed me but I think that showed my personality. That's not exposing. That's showing who I am. Why can't I do that? Why can't I show my personality backstage? Why can't I go in the ring and do what I do? They told me don't look at the people. Don't smile. Don't do this and don't do that. I'm like, really because everything I'm doing, the people seem to like it. Why am I getting over and you are telling me to do the opposite?"
Miro went on to say that his onscreen segments were put on early during his "Rusev Day" storyline so the crowd support would fade out by the end of the show. He recalled how he was kept off the television shows during the height of the gimmick's popularity, and he was almost left out of WrestleMania 34.

Rusev makes his way to the ring

Miro appeared at WrestleMania in the end, but he lost to Jinder Mahal at the event. Some fans perceived this as a burial, and the former superstar's comments suggest that he never had any support backstage.

According to Miro, hearing the chants backstage while not being put on the air prompted him to confront -- and yell -- at a writer. He was informed that the company didn't know how to use him, and he responded by telling the writer that the fans would direct the process.

Miro also told a story about how he approached Vince McMahon after all of his merchandise sold out, beating all of the other top superstars in the promotion. McMahon retorted by suggesting that they didn't make enough merchandise for him. Allegedly, the chairman didn't seem willing to admit that the Rusev character was popular.

He also said that WWE didn't know whether to portray him as a babyface or a heel. This inconsistency may have led to him never gaining any serious momentum while he was there.

Miro was released from his contract earlier this year along with several other talents.