Son Buried Dad Under House: Collected Social Security Checks

Son Buried Father Under His House

A son buried his dad under the house and collected his Social Security checks. Authorities in Portland, Oregon discovered the remains of Charles Owen Starks under the manufactured home he shared with his son Corey Theo Starks.

Authorities were alerted to the situation when the owner of Anchor Inn RV Park discovered human remains including a skull buried in the trailer park. Craig Lundborg recently purchased the land and removed Starks’ home from the site. In the process of clearing the lot, workers discovered the human bones.

As reported by Curry Coastal Pilot, Lundborg contacted the Port Orford Police to report the discovery. The Curry County Major Crime Team suspected that the remains belonged to Charles Owen Starks who lived in the home until 2010.

The crime team attempted to locate Corey Starks to question him about his father’s death but were unable to confirm his current address. Federal authorities became involved as they discovered the son was collecting and cashing his father’s Social Security checks.

Corey was eventually located and arrested in Walker, Minnesota. When questioned, he admitted that he buried his dad under the house in 2010, and collected his Social Security checks. He insists that his 74-year-old father died of natural causes.

As reported by KCBY News, Corey was charged with abuse of a corpse. The Social Security Administration is in the process of investigating his fraudulent collection and spending of his father’s retirement income.

Authorities continue to investigate the cause of Charles Starks’ death. The remains have been submitted for an autopsy, reconstruction, and positive DNA identification. The results of the testing will determine whether authorities charge Corey criminally for causing his father’s death.

Corey is currently jailed in Cass County, Minnesota. He will face federal charges today for collecting and spending his father’s Social Security checks. Authorities are unsure if or when he will be extradited to Oregon to face charges connected with burying his dad under the house.

Crime Scene Photos from the site are provided by KCBY News.

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