'Batman: Arkham Origins' PS3 Exclusive Knightfall Pack Detailed [Video]

The Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 exclusive Knightfall Pack now has its own trailer.

Sorry, Xbox 360 gamers, Sony's getting this one all to themselves. Batman: Arkham Origins will have a PS3 exclusive DLC that lets Batman don two extra costumes throughout the game, and adds a few extra maps.

The PS3 exclusive Knightfall Pack will allow you to dress as the '60s Batman in simple grey and blue with the yellow belt and bat symbol for those times you just feel nostalgic and want to be reminded of when Batman wasn't a borderline violent psychopath with anger issues. On the other side of the coin, you will get Azrael's batsuit from the Knightfall story arc, where Batman's outfit is much more futuristic and features some glowing lights.

How the glowing lights will help with stealth is beyond us, but at least Batman will look like a futuristic badass while he goes about taking down Gotham's criminal elements.

The Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 exclusive Knightfall Pack will also include three Combat maps and two Predator maps, adding some extra variety to your multiplayer experience. The trailer for this PS3 exclusive DLC, above, begins with classic Batman walking toward the screen.

Then we get a good view of the Knightfall Bat-suit as the dark knight gets to his feet in the Christmas Eve snow. The trailer then proceeds to show off a scene of a group of characters all running from the camera along with the words "Azrael Does Not Protect." Other scenes showing off the PS3 exclusive maps flash by with the titles "City On Fire," "Venom Connection," "Turning Point," and "No Rest for the Wicked."

The trailer for the Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 exclusive Knightfall Pack then shows us some gameplay scenes with '60s Batman and Knightfall Batman taking down villains and groups of enemies with punches and various other attacks. He stands tall on the rooftop, probably taking a break from his crime fighting, and then the trailer gives us more action scenes. It ends with Batman walking toward the camera again in his Knightfall suit this time.

Sony fans rejoice, as the Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 exclusive DLC Knightfall is coming your way.