Yankees Play Sweet Caroline In Boston Tribute, Other Teams Follow Suit

Longtime rivals of the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees, paid tribute to the city during last night’s game with images displayed on jumbotrons as well as a rendition of the song “Sweet Caroline.”

For more than a decade, “Sweet Caroline,” a popular sing-along track, has been a feature at Boston Red Sox games. And while the teams have a fierce but good-natured rivalry, the Yanks went all out in honoring Boston last night as they faced off against the Arizona Diamondbacks in a series opener.

In a statement, the New York Yankees preceded their decision to play “Sweet Caroline” at last night’s game, saying:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families who were affected by the bombings and our respect and admiration go out to the police, medical personnel and first responders who acted so heroically.”

The Yanks continued:

“We stand united with the participants, volunteers, staff and spectators of the Boston Marathon and the people of Boston.”

Across social media sites like Twitter, fans of the Yankees and not-so-fans expressed their feelings about the touching tribute. But one notable individual to address the third-inning show of support was none other than Neil Diamond — Diamond tweeted:

Thank you NY Yankees for playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ for the people of Boston. You scored a home run in my heart. With respect, Neil #OneBoston

— Neil Diamond (@NeilDiamond) April 17, 2013

The Yankees also tweeted about the “Sweet Caroline” tribute:

Videos of the Boston tribute appeared on YouTube:

In addition to the Yankees’ “Sweet Caroline” tribute to Boston, games at Marlins Park, at Dodger Stadium, and in Cleveland, where the Red Sox played, the song was also featured.