Nicole Thorne Wears Nothing But Panties & A Towel In Topless Bathroom Shoot

Aussie bombshell Nicole Thorne tantalized her Instagram followers with a topless photo shoot this morning, sharing a smoking-hot triple update wherein she flaunted her enviable figure in the bathroom mirror. According to the geotag, the trio of snaps was taken at the model's home in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The sizzling brunette relied on her reflection to show off her curves, giving off sultry vibes as she admired herself in the mirror. She stood in front of the sink with one arm across her naked chest, leaving an eyeful of cleavage on display for her audience to admire.

The half-body shots perfectly showcased her hourglass frame, giving fans a good look at Nicole's toned core in addition to flaunting her busty assets. The stunner wore skimpy white panties that bared her hips and thighs. The high-cut number dipped dangerously low in the front, boasting a scooped waistline that revealed her flat tummy. The sides came up above her hip bones, drawing attention to her taut midriff.

The model topped off the racy look with a gray towel, which she wore wrapped around her head. She accessorized with a chic black manicure, showing off her nails as she covered her breasts with one hand, arching her wrist over her cleavage. In one picture, she raised her other hand to her forehead, fanning her fingers over the fuzzy towel. She cocked her shoulder and gazed at her reflection with a smoldering stare, softly pursing her plump lips. Another shot saw her leaning her head forward as she looked down at the sink, flaunting her voluminous lashes.

Nicole stretched out her bust-censoring hand over the other arm in one of the photos, slightly parting her lips in a seductive expression. While the camera focused on her reflected image, her blurry back and shoulder were visible in all of the pics, teasing a tantalizing glimpse of sideboob.

The model penned a playful caption for her post, drawing inspiration from Snow White's famous mirror quote. She purposefully left the last line blank, as if inviting fans to finish the sentence for her.

"No contest, you are the fairest of them all @nicolethorne!" one person commented on her post, leaving a string of loving emoji.

"Whos [sic] the baddest of them all. You," read another comment.

The steamy shots were taken by Perrywinkle Photography, whom Nicole gave a shout-out to in the caption. She called attention to her scanty apparel with an "imwearingatowel" hashtag, leading one fan to quip in the comments section, "This is what you wore to work right?"

Followers seemed to go crazy over the racy update, clicking the like button more than 23,200 times and leaving close to 370 messages under her post.

"You are a poetry of nature," one Instagrammer penned poetically, with the majority of Nicole's admirers telling her she looked "gorgeous," "stunning," and "amazing."