Marie Osmond Shares Wild Throwback Pics Alongside Brother Donny

Marie Osmond shared some wild throwback pics alongside big brother Donny in a new Instagram share. She thanked the fans that supplied her with many happy photographic memories in the caption of the post. The images appeared to have been taken throughout the 1970s when the twosome starred in their own television variety series on ABC called The Donny and Marie Show, which ran on Friday nights from 1975 through 1979.

The slideshow of six images took fans of the brother and sister down memory lane, from the time the variety hour debuted through its final episodes. Sprinkled in were snaps where the duo was featured in some of the most popular teen magazines at the time and a rare personal pic.

In the first photo, Donny and Marie were seen during the inaugural season of the series. At the time, Marie was just 15 years old and Donny was 17. They were the youngest entertainers to ever host their own variety show on network television. The photo showed the siblings singing into white microphones. Their coordinating outfits, featuring deep purple tones and lots of fringe and sparkle, were reminiscent of the era.

A second pic was taken on the set where the twosome would sing, chat with, and perform in skits alongside some of the most popular celebrities of the era. This particular photo seemed to have been taken during a country-influenced skit. That genre of music was featured heavily on the weekly show. Rock tunes and contemporary songs were also performed by the siblings.

A third pic looked to have been snapped during an outing for some fast food at Carl's Jr. A fourth image was torn right out of the pages of a teen magazine where Donny and Marie were featured as pin-ups.

In the next to last image, the singing duo were seen during one of the latter seasons of the series, when Marie began adding her own style and flair to the costumes she wore. Donny sported a bright yellow leisure suit with what seemed to be an ascot.

Finally, in what is likely the oldest of all the images, Donny and Marie were seen as they modeled some of the trendiest styles of the era. Marie appeared to be in her early teens as her long, straight hair was a style she wore upon making her debut in the country music industry at the age of 13. She sported a long, yellow dress with a large lace inlay that dominated her chest. Donny, on her left, hugged his sister from the side in a matching denim jacket and jeans, paired with a brown paisley shirt.