WWE Rumors: Velveteen Dream's Accuser Claims Company Never Contacted Him During Investigation

On Wednesday's episode of NXT, Velveteen Dream made his return to the black-and-gold brand after a lengthy absence, drawing controversy due to how he had been accused by several individuals of sexual misconduct. One day later, one of these accusers took to social media to offer an update on his situation while also claiming that WWE never spoke to him in relation to the allegations he previously made against the wrestler.

In a series of Twitter posts, independent wrestler Josh Fuller admitted that he feels bad that he can't open up completely about his experiences with Dream, as he feels this might affect his own in-ring career. While he assured his followers that he's doing alright and that he's glad he chose to not share his story anonymously, he added that he is upset that Dream's purported actions are seemingly being "swept under the rug" as if they never happened. You can view the entire Twitter thread here.

"The only things really p*ssing me off from social media are the people claiming that it was clearly investigated when there's no proof or statement that ever was the case," Fuller continued.

"Myself or anyone else involved weren't contacted by anybody to my knowledge."
In another tweet, Fuller fired back against people who see him as someone who's trying to chase "clout," stressing that he has nothing to gain and "everything to lose" by accusing such a high-profile performer on WWE's black-and-gold brand. This post can be viewed here.

Velveteen Dream makes his ring entrance at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia in 2018.

Dream — real name Patrick Clark Jr. — had been the subject of sexual misconduct allegations even before the #SpeakingOut movement started gaining steam across the wrestling industry this summer. In April, a Reddit user accused the NXT superstar of sending explicit photos and messages to minors, adding that he later tried to explain the matter by saying his phone was hacked. However, the user also claimed that she received a call from a man who sounded like Dream, asking her what school she went to.

As recalled by 411Mania, Fuller originally took to Twitter in June to share his #SpeakingOut story, alleging that he met Dream at an independent wrestling show when he was 16 and the would-be NXT star was 19. Fuller related at the time that Dream purportedly tried to keep their friendship a secret and later unsuccessfully tried convincing him to "show off" his entire body. Furthermore, he claimed to have spoken to the former NXT North American Champion's previous accusers on social media and backed up their allegations of harassment.