August 15, 2020
John Stamos Posts Cheeky Throwback of Uncle Jesse's 'Full House' Invention That Was 25 Years Before Its Time

John Stamos shared a hilarious throwback to Instagram that proves that his Full House character, Uncle Jesse, was decades ahead of his time.

In a post to his social media page, the actor shared a pic from a classic episode of the original ABC sitcom that showed his character wearing a plastic shield on his face as he held up a can of hair spray. In the pic, Jesse was all smiles as he demonstrated his face guard invention more than 25 years before the coronavirus pandemic made face masks and shields a necessity.

In the caption to the pic, which can be seen below, Stamos joked that if only everyone would have "just listened." He also tagged the name of his fictional product, Spray Guard 2001.

In comments to the post, fans reacted to the throwback of the classic TV invention.

"This is the best thing I've seen in forever," one commenter wrote.

"Ok, I've been thinking about that episode like every day through this - wondering if I should bring this up, people won't understand what you mean," another added.

"I was totally thinking about this the other day!! I said to my mom and sister, 'Uncle Jesse's Sprayguard would really come in handy these days!'" another chimed in.

"The selfie at the airport, the wrecking ball at the Smash Club and now this. You were first for everything!" a fourth fan wrote to Stamos.

Full House fans remember the Spray Guard 2001 well. In the Season 7 episode "The Prying Game" that originally aired in 1993, Stamos' character invented a face guard to keep hair spray off of his niece's face, then realized he had a million-dollar idea. He teamed up with Danny (Bob Saget) and Joey (Dave Coulier) to manufacture the device and sell it on a TV infomercial.

Unfortunately, during his disastrous pitch, Jesse grabbed a can of pink spray paint instead of hair spray. He also got a call from a viewer who informed him he invented a hair spray shield a few years earlier and threatened to sue him if he proceeded in selling his version.

While it didn't make him big bucks back in the day, the device would probably sell out today.

The Spray Guard 2001 was spotted last year in a nostalgia-filled scene in the Tanner family's attic in the final season of Fuller House. Uncle Jesse's invention was collecting dust alongside Stephanie's (Jodie Sweetin) childhood honeybee outfit, D.J.'s (Candace Cameron Bure) telethon lollipop, and Michelle's (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) long lost bike.