'Big Brother 22' Star Keesha Smith Slams Male Houseguests On Instagram After Eviction

Keesha Smith is the first casualty of Big Brother Season 22. The All-Star was the first player evicted this summer in a unanimous vote, beating Kevin Campbell. It seemed obvious during her plea speech that she knew she would be going home, as she made a comment about only wishing some of her fellow houseguests well moving forward in the game.

Once coming out onstage and sitting with host Julie Chen, Keesha admitted that several of her roommates promised her they would let her know if she was going to be evicted before the vote actually happened. It looked like it didn't work out that way with some of the players in the house who made her this promise, and she eventually revealed it was some of her male roommates who let her down. She told Julie that Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo said they would tell her if they knew she didn't have the votes to stay, but they didn't say a word to her on eviction day. Instead, the duo avoided her and would leave a room if she entered.

It looks like Keesha got her phone back shortly after being sent packing, as her newest post on Instagram slammed Enzo and Cody, as well as another male castmember she knew from her past on the show. The post was beyond shady and has fans of the reality tv star applauding in the comments section.

Keesha, Janelle, and Nicole participate on 'Big Brother 22.'

"No matter what, I know that I will always have three votes for me...thank you all for your support, I am truly humbled by the amount of it...a big shout out to [Janelle Pierzina] and [Da'Vonne Rogers] for the heads up...I am rooting for you to the end...Also, a big [middle finger] to the "men" of the house, Enzo & Memphis, who give a bad name to "sheep" and Cody who could never tell me the truth to my face...I came in the game thinking that I was playing against men, but none of your balls have even dropped yet!...Your partners deserve better!"
The three votes Keesha was referencing were her dogs, who's faces were the image for the shady post. It appears as if Memphis Garrett also let her down in some way as she called him a sheep. Earlier this week, the person in charge of Keesha's Instagram account shared a quote from the live feeds where Memphis said there would be no love lost between himself and his BB10 castmate because he was the reason she was sent home last time she played the game.

Keesha did not mention any of the other male houseguests in her caption, suggesting she only has issues with the three she listed. There didn't appear to be any promises or alliances between herself and Kevin, Tyler Crispen, David Alexander, or Ian Terry.