'Big Brother' Fans Frustrated Over Julie Chen's Missing Face Mask

Julie Chen has finished hosting the second episode of Big Brother Season 22. Thursday night's live eviction saw Keesha Smith sent home by a unanimous vote of 13-0. Once she exited the house and went out to the main stage, Keesha sat down for her exit interview, and some fans have a major grievance with how that conversation was done.

Just before she read the vote outcome to the houseguests, Julie said the evicted player only had a short time to say goodbye to their roommates. She also reminded them not to approach her once they came out of the house, and they needed to sit on a stool far away from her. The losing houseguest also had to put on a mask before walking out the front door, meaning they would be covered before even getting on the main stage.

Keesha put on her pink mask as she marched out of the house and sat about 12 feet from Julie on the large new Big Brother set. Surprisingly, Julie was without a mask, which confused many. The current Big Brother players are being routinely tested for COVID-19 and had quarantined two weeks before the game and even more so during it. The houseguests are in one of the safest environments imaginable right now, unlike the hostess. Julie is not quarantining on set, and many viewers believe if anyone should be wearing a mask, it should be her.

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"I'm so confused why Keesha, who has been basically sequestered for the last 3 weeks, needs to wear a mask but Julie doesn't," one viewer tweeted, with much support.

"Not understanding the logic of the evicted houseguest having to wear a mask but not Julie? Like the houseguests are in ACTUAL quarantine but the host isn't," a second wrote on Twitter.

Several viewers felt Julie's mask absence went against what she said at the end of the show. The host mentioned the golden rule while she was signing off for the evening, which made some wonder if Keesha was required to put on a mask for Julie's safety.

This is the second episode where the former The Talk host hasn't worn a mask, as she was without one during the live move-in special last Wednesday. All 16 contestants wore masks as they distanced from Julie on stage and were allowed to remove them once inside their new home. The hostess has frequently noted that this season's players are keeping an extra distance from her and not shaking hand as traditionally done in the past. Yet, why those involved in the game have to wear a mask, and she doesn't seemingly isn't sitting well with the fandom.