MMA Fighter Valerie Loureda Shakes Her Booty In Steamy Video To Celebrate Her New Fight Deal

MMA fighter Valerie Loureda showcased her athletic figure with salacious dance moves for her latest Instagram post. In the video, she rocked a tight sports bra and a pair of shorts while dancing to celebrate her new fighting contract.

The flyweight had just come off a victory at Bellator 243 last weekend and had exciting news to share with her followers. She was filmed at home in her living room, as a cardio machine and a couch could be seen in the background. Loureda had her long brown hair tied up in a tight bun and sported a small, tight-fitting blue sports bra that wrapped around her chest. She also wore a pair of tiny shorts that hugged tightly onto her curvy backside and showcased her toned legs.

Cardi B's controversial hit song "WAP," featuring Megan Thee Stallion, played over the clip. The 21-year-old started the vid by throwing a series of punches and then a strong kick, as she was recorded with the camera pointing upwards. Loureda then bent her knees down and quickly flipped to all fours as she looked over at the lens while shaking her booty in the air.

The accomplished taekwondo expert jumped up and then fell to the floor as she pounded her fist and gyrated her hips in rhythm with the track. Loureda slid across the floor on her knees while moving away from the camera. Afterwards, she kicked her left leg up and turned her back while doing the splits. The fighter ended the video by snapping her head back in unison with a Cardi B lyric.

In the caption, Loureda revealed the cause for celebration: she had just officially signed a multiyear deal to continue fighting under Bellator. The Miami, Florida, native, who added three money eyes emoji to end the caption, uploaded the clip to her page Thursday evening.

Many of her 459,000 Instagram followers quickly flocked to the provocative video, and nearly 53,000 showed their support by tapping the like button in just over two hours after it went online. Loureda amassed more than 2,300 comments in short order. Fans complimented her jaw-dropping moves and congratulated her on the contract.


"Hold up Valerie. There some people on here that need to step back," another replied, adding three cry laughing emoji.

"Now that's how you shadow box," one follower commented.

"She's the @iamcardib of #mma," a fan wrote.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Loureda flaunted her fit figure in a minuscule bikini.