'General Hospital' Spoilers: Lucy, Sam, & Brooklyn Are In The Hot Seat After Valentin's Manipulations

As seen this week on General Hospital, Valentin Cassadine got exactly what he wanted after manipulating three women into giving him what he needed to gain control of ELQ. He is now the new CEO of the company that has been in the Quartermaine family for years. That leaves Lucy, Sam, and Brooklyn to defend their actions.

Many people in Port Charles are upset that the women were so easily manipulated. Lucy was put in a position to be the deciding vote in favor of the Quartermaines but instead was the vote that got Valentin's foot in the door -- and he shoved it wide open. He was able to hold Deception over her head, which is why he funded her company in the first place. His sneaky plan was in place and Wednesday's spoilers indicated that she would be put into an awful position, and now she is definitely in the hot seat.

The General Hospital previews for Friday's show revealed that Scott Baldwin will be back onscreen. He will confront Lucy and ask her what she did. It's likely that she will confess her role in being the deciding factor in getting Valentin what he was after.

James Patrick Stuart
ABC | Todd Wawrychuk

Before the ELQ meeting, he gave Brooklyn an offer she couldn't refuse, which was getting her singing career back. That led Ned into kicking her out of the mansion after he found out what she did to their family. According to SheKnows Soaps, Brooklyn will find herself in some trouble the week of August 17. She is upset with her dad and it sounds like she will be heading in the wrong direction. Dustin may come to her rescue, as they both run into each other as well.

Valentin also manipulated Sam McCall into handing over Danny and Scout's proxies, a move which gave him the final shares that he needed to snag ELQ from Ned and Michael. Earlier this week on General Hospital, Sam agreed to his deal so that she could be free to be with Jason after he was seriously injured in the motorcycle accident that Cyrus caused. Valentin switched parole officers on her and that seemed to solve her problem.

However, Jason wasn't too happy to hear what she did, especially since her actions caused his family's company to fall into the wrong hands. Valentin caught her when she was the most vulnerable, and now she will have to face the consequences of her bad decision.

The Quartermaines were going to fund General Hospital, but now with the takeover, that isn't happening. However, GH was saved by Cyrus Renault's money and he also snagged the Chairman of the Board position. With Valentin and Cyrus running the show, there is bound to be more trouble ahead.