Instagram Model Paige Spiranac Shows Off Killer Cleavage While Practicing Her Putting

Instagram model Paige Spiranac flaunted her curves in a revealing outfit for her latest update. In the video, she sported a low-cut top that treated fans to an eyeful of her assets while she worked on her putting.

The 27-year-old handed out some golf tips while putting her skills on display, as she was filmed using a practice green just outside her house. Spiranac had her long blond hair tied back and wore a pair of dark-framed glasses. She rocked a bright red halter top that wrapped around her neck in the back and had a plunging neckline. The social media influencer sported a short white skirt along with all-white Nike shoes to complete the ensemble.

The video began with Spiranac bending down as she put a penny on top of her putter. She readied a ball and squatted down as she prepared her putt. This angle gave fans a clear view of her generous bust in the tight-fitting ensemble. The golfer made the shot with ease and followed it up by making another.

For the second part of the clip, the San Diego State University product stood in the same spot, but this time she switched to gripping the club with one hand. Spiranac's adorable dog made an appearance in the midst of her preparing her second stroke, and she began laughing. Spiranac went back to a two-handed approach for the last portion of the video as she hit shots at a quicker rate. The footage ended with the model bending down to pet her pooch who was lying beside the green.

In the caption, Spiranac asked fans to share their favorite club and revealed that she works on these drills every day at home. She included detailed instructions for all three drills that could help improve a golfer's stroke.

Many of Spiranac's 2.8 million Instagram followers took notice of the instructional vid that was uploaded Thursday, and more than 20,000 made their way to the "like" button in just over four hours after it went online. She had over 600 comments in that short time. Questions poured in from followers who wanted advice from the golf pro.

"How long do you train per day Paige?" one user asked.

"Did 1 handed putts for a full season and it changed my short game," another person added.

"How do you create the right tempo?" an Instagrammer asked.

"Do you find that Niko's close up gaze helps with de-sensitising to crowd pressure?" a fan wrote in reference to the dog.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Spiranac posed in a different revealing outfit while out on a course.