Casi Davis Flaunts Ripped Abs And Curvaceous Booty On The Deck Of A Yacht

Instagram model Casi Davis took to her social media page on Thursday evening with a series of stunning photos from the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas, thrilling her 1.3 million followers.

For some images, Casi posed on an enormous boat wearing a revealing monokini that showed off all her curves. The swimwear had a marbled print in bright orange and yellow shades that complemented her golden tan.

The suit featured French-cut legs that rose high over her shapely hips, exposing the maximum amount of visible bare skin from her waist to the tips of her toes.

The top encircled Casi’s neck and crossed in the front, over her decolletage, then fanned out in two thin strips of lightweight fabric covering her breasts. The design left the curves of her cleavage on full display.

She accessorized with a straw hat featuring a wide brim that kept her face shielded from the bright sunshine overhead.

Casi posed on the front deck of an enormous yacht with a pristine white surface. The first snap showed her reclined on one hip, resting her slight weight on her left elbow and forearm. She stacked one leg on top of the other with her knee slightly bent and toes pointed.

Her right elbow was raised, hand resting behind her head, as she tipped her face up toward the brilliant blue sky. She closed her eyes and had a tranquil expression on her face.

Later in the series of photos, Casi was pictured in the same location in a similar position, but facing away from the camera to show off her spectacular behind.

The post also included supplementary images of the gorgeous scenery around her. The update racked up almost 12,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Casi also shared several snaps of the landscape and wildlife. A boomerang clip pictured clear green water teeming with a cluster of nurse sharks surrounding a few big silvery fish.

Another video showed the famous swimming pigs from Big Major Cay. A group of them were shown wading contentedly in the shallow water. The camera zoomed in on one particularly large pink creature, who appeared to be eating something while being menaced by several seagulls.

Casi also shared a few extended panoramic shots of the incredible background. Calm, turquoise ocean stretched toward strips of untouched beaches that were lined with lush green foliage at the horizon. There was not another human, nor another boat, visible as far as the eye could see.