Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson Reportedly Split

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have reportedly broken up, according to an exclusive from Page Six.

The pair were first linked in October of 2019, not long after Cyrus ended things with Kaitlynn Carter. Before that, she was married to Liam Hemsworth. In January, the two finalized their divorce.

Aside from an insider revealing Simpson and Cyrus are no longer together, it seemed that the 27-year-old singer might have dropped a hint about their relationship status on her Instagram while promoting the music video for her new single, "Midnight Sky."

Page Six noted that the caption might have been a reference to her alleged now ex-boyfriend and their relationship coming to an end, as she prefaced it with "forever and ever no more," alongside a black heart emoji.

TMZ also reported the news, stating that their breakup came about at some point during the last few weeks, but it is not clear what caused it.

The news of the alleged split comes as a shock to fans of the couple, as the two seemed quite happy together earlier this month.

On August 2, The Inquisitr reported that Simpson had shared a few endearing snaps of the duo and said he was "in love" with his "best friend."

Dozens of fans have begun theorizing what might have led to the split, with some even speculating that Cyrus withheld telling people about the breakup until she could use the news to help promote "Midnight Sky."

"Miley breaking up with cody just before releasing her new single... it would scare them if they knew how smart she is," wrote one person.

Others took to Twitter to discuss her past relationships and compare her previous suitors. Several fans argued that Simpson was the best boyfriend she had ever had.

"Cody Simpson the most respectful, down to earth, supportive, talented, intellectual and fun man Miley ever dated. If you think otherwise, go argue with a wall," said another.

"Well even if they did break up I still love them both and wish them the best. Cody probs my fave but I followed up on him when I was younger so idk I have a soft spot for him," chimed in a third fan.

A few people even started to tweet about the possibility of the former Hannah Montana star getting back together with one of her exes, such as Nick Jonas or Hemsworth, despite the fact that the two men are in new relationships.

Some fans just voiced their excitement about seeing a newly single Cyrus back on the market.