Gabriella Abutbol Flaunts Insane Cleavage Wearing Reversed Bikini Top In Latest Update

Gabriella Abutbol snaps a selfie.
Gabriella Abutbol / Instagram

Instagram model Gabriella Abutbol took to her social media page with a sultry pair of images on Thursday afternoon, thrilling her 1.7 million followers. The stunning brunette flaunted all her curves in the racy post, which amassed almost 23,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Gabriella wore a strappy black bikini that left little to the imagination. The top featured soft triangle cups attached to a series of strings that held the lightweight fabric against her voluptuous breasts.

In a stylish variation, she appeared to have flipped the top upside-down, so that the strap normally encircling her rib cage was tied behind her neck. It stretched taut across her impressive cleavage, and what would be the ruched bottom of the cups were tightened around the middle of her bust.

The tops of the two triangles were positioned on either side of her torso and tied behind her back, barely containing the alluring spill of her breasts below.

The bottom of the suit was embellished with a series of four straps that rested over her shapely hips, beautifully accentuating her hourglass shape. The upper straps were parallel to her navel but dipped down in the center to meet a diamond-shaped piece of material that covered her bits. The lowest strap ran along the creases between her hips and upper thighs.

Gabriella posed while sitting in front of a huge rock face with a rough, textured surface. The shades of the background complimented her deeply tanned skin.

Her golden-brown hair was parted in the center and twisted into two messy french braids on either side of her head. A few wavy tendrils escaped and appeared to blow gently across her face.

In the first image, she sat straight up and faced the camera head-on. Her knees were bent and slightly apart from one another. She draped her left arm across her midriff and grasped her right elbow. She gazed at the camera with a sultry expression, lips slightly parted.

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The second image pictured Gabriella leaning against the rock behind her, baring her taut belly and ample bust to the sunshine. She opened her legs wide and let her hand rest between her thighs. She raised her other arm into the air and blocked the bright light from her face with her outstretched palm.

Gabriella’s Instagram followers were quick to express their adoration for her stunning appearance.

“Are you wearing your top upside down?” inquired one fan.

“Yes, ma’am,” confirmed Gabriella.

“Ok obsessed with these braids on you girl,” raved a second person.

“Perfect body!!!” declared a third follower, adding a string of heart emoji at the end.