December 27, 2013
'Diana': Additional Footage Of Naomi Watts As Princess Di [Video]

A new trailer from the controversial film Diana has been released, and it shows more footage of Naomi Watts, playing the late Princess Di.

The new film about the iconic Princess, "the People's Princess" as she was dubbed when she was alive, is the story of the last couple of years of Diana's life after she divorced Prince Charles and started a new life as her own person.

Diana was recently slammed by one of the people the film portrays predominantly, Dr. Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews) who is the lover of the late Princess and who said the film is not accurate.

Diana is directed by German Oliver Hirschbiegel, who's had success in the past with the Adolf Hitler drama Downfall.

This time around, however, his work is being negatively criticized in the UK because of the comments by the actual doctor Khan who had not so good things to say about his film and Diana's actual portrayal in the film and the perception that they are trying too hard to get an Oscar nod.

It could be possible that the criticism coming from across the pond is more related to the touchy subject of a beloved public figure.

Diana was adored by her subjects, especially later in life when it seemed Prince Charles and the royal family were making her life a living nightmare.

Many in England believed that the Queen was not empathetic enough when the Princess of Wales died tragically in Paris in 1997 and Her Majesty failed to appear publicly for days.

This forced the Queen to make a public speech explaining herself, a fact which is featured in the movie The Queen.

American critics are a bit more tempered in their assessment of the film. Maybe because, even though Diana was popular in the US, she wasn't our Princess.

Diana opens in US theaters on November 1.