Bri Teresi Flashes Nearly Bare Buns, Wet Shirt In Sultry Shower Snap

Model Bri Teresi attends the Guess 2019 Holiday Season Kick-off event.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Guess girl Bri Teresi, whose Instagram following has ballooned to over a million users, has once again shown a serious amount of skin with a sizzling photo update. The post, which was uploaded to her popular feed on Thursday, August 13, may have been her steamiest effort yet. The FHM and GQ model appeared sans pants in two incredible shower snapshots.

In the caption that accompanied the slideshow, Teresi espoused the benefits of showering together as a means for saving water. If the litany of comments from her smitten admirers serve as any indication, there are more than a few people out there who are willing to join Teresi in that endeavor.

“Gorgeous,” opined one user, who added “let’s save water” along with a winking emoji.

“You are such a philanthropist!! Save the water!!” joked another fan, who also said that Teresi was “gorgeous as always” in the picture.

“Don’t tease me. I am on the way!!” wrote a third commenter.

“Absolute Stunner,” stated a fourth admirer of Teresi’s soaked body.

In the first pic, Teresi was captured from the side as she posed with her back to the shower head. Its flow was raining down on her hair and shoulders, down her back and over her taut, toned booty. Due to the placement of her forearms and the splashing of her lower back and shapely cheeks, the thin straps of her black bottom were almost invisible, causing her tempting backside to appear almost nude.

Furthermore, her tight white top was sufficiently saturated to the point that it was almost see-through, which made for a pleasant accentuation of her bust. As the pic was snapped, Teresi glanced to her right with her full lips parted and her large eyes piercing, which added to the sultry nature of the photo.

The second shot featured Teresi having turned around to face the oncoming water. In doing so, she caressed the shoulder straps of her top and allowed the flow to cover her chest and further moisten her toned midsection. She cocked her head backward and closed her eyes as her wavy blond hair covered her upper back.

Teresi’s latest offering was already blowing up as of this writing, having notched thousands of double-taps in just 30 minutes after appearing online. Moreover, a plethora of comments similar to the ones shared above filled the post’s comment thread.

As previously shared by The Inquisitr, Teresi showed that she has legitimate nerd cred in addition to sex appeal with a video post that featured multiple scanty outfits while emulating the Super Smash Bros. character selection screen.