Kaley Cuoco Shares Adorable Photo With Her Dog While Revealing Big News: ‘It Happened. I’m That Person’

Kaley Cuoco poses for a photo on the red carpet.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco took to Instagram to share a sweet photo with one of her beloved pups by her side. The actress and animal lover took to her page on Thursday morning to surprise her audience with an adorable new share.

The image captured The Big Bang Theory star and her pooch posed in the center of the frame. The picture had a black-and-white filter on it, which gave the upload a vintage feel. The shot was snapped at an up-close angle, and the background of the photo was bright. Cuoco appeared off to the left of the frame while her beloved Chihuahua Dump Truck aka Dumpy was on the other side.

Cuoco appeared to have just gotten done with a riding session and wore a black helmet on the top of her head. The strap was tucked under her chin, and a clasp hung from the center of the piece. The helmet featured a matte finish that reflected light off the top, and she also sported an oversized top with a large collar to complete her look. Cuoco wore a white band-aid on her thumb and gazed at her pup with her lips puckered.

Dumpy leaned toward his owner and stuck out his tongue as if he was about to kiss her. The pooch rocked a black collar that was decorated with silver fish and had a bell on the end. He leaned his ears back slightly and his paws were rested on a flat surface. A few metal poles appeared on either side of the pup.

In the caption of the photo, Cuoco made sure to credit her photographer, Claudia Craig, for snapping the cute new shot. Cuoco also mentioned that she was “that person” since she tagged her dog’s Instagram page and urged her fans to follow. So far, the Chihuahua has already gained an impressive following of 19,000-plus.

The upload has been a huge hit with Cuoco’s fans so far. More than 50,000 social media users have double-tapped the image while 300-plus flocked to the comments section. Some fans let the star know that they are going to follow Dumpy while a few more were left speechless and used emoji instead of words.

“I love Dumps! He’s got such a quirky personality. He reminds me of my little Yorkie who was the most peculiar dog ever, but I was obsessed with him,” one fan commented.

“Chihuahuas are the best! We have two. I am definitely following the little dude,” a second social media user wrote.

“Absolutely Gorgeous @kaleycuoco. Love the little pooch to,” one more chimed in with the addition of a few emoji.