Jon Hamm Sesame Street Appearance: Star Discusses Art With Elmo [Video]

Jon Hamm Sesame Street Appearance - Star Discusses Art With Elmo [Video] 1

Jon Hamm has joined Sesame Street‘s Elmo to explain the latest word of the day: “Sculpture.”

The Mad Men star hooked up with the famous red muppet this week, though appeared to have come at an awkward time.

Elmo was busy crafting his own sculpture while Hamm could only plead to have a look at what he’s carving.

Cue a bearded Hamm using the time to carry in a series of hernia-inducing sculptures.

42-year-old Hamm is in fine company when it comes to celebrities who have made guest appearances on Sesame Street.

An appearance on the kids’ show, which first aired in 1969 and has since become an American institution, is now a rite of celebrity passage.

Indeed, Hamm is following in the footsteps of some pretty impressive names with his appearance.

Robert De Niro, David Beckham, Hillary Clinton, Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, Katy Perry, Bill O’Reilly, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Prince, Michael Jackson, and so many more have all showed up on the classic program down the years.

After you’ve watched the thoroughly charming Hamm and Elmo do their thing, scroll down to see images from some other of our favorite star-studded cameos!

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