Tyler Cameron Introduces New YouTube Channel From Bathtub, Shares 'Bachelorette' Tea

The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron wasn't wearing his signature salmon jacket when he introduced his new YouTube channel on Wednesday. Instead, the runner-up from Hannah Brown's season sat shirtless — and perhaps bottomless — in a bubble bath.

His Instagram followers were the first to know about his new venture. After sharing a clip on his social media account of the moment he got dumped on the ABC reality show, Tyler blew bubbles at the camera and announced that his new venture was live.

Fans who clicked over to the new channel found two videos — a brief introduction followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer segment titled "Ten Minutes with Tyler Cameron." And yes, he remained shirtless.

During the Q&A, the 27-year-old television personality and model spilled some tea about his experience on The Bachelorette, including both the most terrifying and epic moments experienced on the show. He also answered a question many Bachelor Nation fans want to know — is he single?

According to Life & Style, the video was filmed by Tyler's friend, videographer Jacob Laham who also asked The Bachelorette star questions as he ran shirtless in what appeared to be his home state of Florida.

When asked about the scariest moment on his season, "picking out an engagement ring" stood out.

And the craziest thing that happened to the heartthrob? Tyler reminisced about the time Luke Parker returned to a rose ceremony and refused to leave. He said it was "epic" when Hannah picked up a pedestal of roses and moved them away from the controversial contestant.

As far as being single, some of his fans will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that he is not in a relationship right now, but he did list his requirements for a potential girlfriend.

"Someone [who] loves others, respects others and is ready to get on an adventure with me at any time and any moment," he responded to his friend in the video.

Tyler's YouTube account has already hit some impressive numbers. It currently ranks No. 23 on the site. After just one day, he has almost 24,000 followers and the Q&A video has over 157,000 views.

Clearly, his followers are ready to learn more about the Florida Atlantic University grad. When he asked for suggestions about what he should film next, he received over 800 responses.

"Best thing about quarantine and worst thing about quarantine?" one follower commented.

"A detailed story about you and Hannah Brown and how your friendship post Bachelor came to be!!!!! Please I'm begging!!" another wrote.

"What would you title this current chapter of your life and why?? btw ily," wrote another.

Tyler took the time to respond to some of the comments, including one person who wrote, "I love how we will truly get to see a look into your authenticity! I am excited to see this journey unfold!"

"Can't wait to share it with you!" he replied.