‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenzie McKee Does A Flip In Mid-Air While Clad In Short Shorts

Mackenzie McKee snaps a selfie.
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee showed off her tumbling skills on Instagram in a post that was shared with her 1 million fans on Tuesday. The upload consisted of a seconds-long clip that was set to music and provided an inspirational message.

The video captured the reality star in a massive gym that was surrounded by a ceiling that had different shades of black, which gave it a tie-dye vibe. The area under the ceiling featured colorful walls that boasted bright green and blue hues. A large metal structure appeared in the area next to McKee, and a bright purple sign that read “Ninja Course” was hung on the wall.

McKee could see jumping on a purple trampoline with bright green padding around the perimeter. She bounced a few times before she soared through the air and did a flip, landing on her booty in a foam pit. The upload was set to R. Kelly’s hit song, “I Believe I Can Fly,” which McKee referenced in her caption.

McKee’s outfit included a solid white T-shirt that was slightly oversized on her figure. It had capped sleeves that fell midway down her bicep, and she wore the front of it rolled, exposing a glimpse of her trim abs. The lower portion of her outfit was just as hot, and the Teen Mom star opted for a pair of tiny shorts. The bottoms boasted a dark hue and an incredibly short cut that showed off her muscular stems in their entirety. She ditched her shoes for the gym session, opting to wear a pair of black-and-green socks instead.

McKee wore bracelets on each one of her wrists to complete her look. She pulled her long, blond locks in a low ponytail that nearly came undone when she flew through the air.

As of this writing, the post has been live on her page for less than 24 hours, and it’s amassed over 8,000 likes and 40-plus comments from fans. Some complimented her acrobatic skills while a few more raved over her figure. Several other social media users left a comment on the inspirational quote.

“Your post are so refreshing. I need the fun and lightness right now,” one follower wrote with the addition of a few red hearts.

“Amazing!!!!! I will say I felt my back break just thinking of doing this lol,” a second social media user chimed in.

“You are so pretty and very flexible lol,” one more gushed.

“I hope you’re doing well and are happy. You’re an amazing soul. Continue to live for God. He’ll always bless you!” a fourth fan added.