Jennifer Dulos Was Likely ‘Dismembered,’ Says Lawyer Christopher Hug, Wants Mother-Of-Five Declared Dead

Attorney Christopher Hug has revealed new information regarding the believed state of the remains of missing Connecticut mother-of-five, Jennifer Dulos. Hug stated that he believes she was “dismembered” and wants her to be legally declared dead, according to The Stamford Advocate.

Jennifer went missing on May 24, 2019, and her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, was later charged with her murder. Before he could be proven guilty, he died of an apparent suicide in January of 2020. Hug is the administrator of Dulos’ estate. While it is known that Dulos was deeply in debt prior to his death, Hug will be determining if there are any funds remaining from his estate.

According to state law, Jennifer would have received any remaining money from the estate. However, if she is declared legally dead the funds would be directed to their kids, as well as Gloria Farber, Jennifer’s mother and custodian of the children.

Due to blood evidence found in Jennifer’s garage the day she went missing, she is presumed dead by authorities. Hug pointed this out in his recent statement.

“The evidence contained in Detective (John) Kimball’s sworn affidavit is overwhelming proof that Ms. Farber Dulos died at the time of her disappearance. The administrator knows of no evidence indicating any alternative outcome.”

Attorney Richard Weinstein represents Farber. He was caught off guard by Hug’s statement, pointing out that up until this point, Dulos’ legal team always insisted that he played no role whatsoever in his wife’s disappearance. He went on to reiterate what Jennifer’s family has believed all along, which is that she would not have disappeared of her own free will.

Statues are visible on the Supreme Court building.

“Based on extensive discussions with numerous friends and confidantes of Jennifer Dulos, as well as her mother Gloria, the undersigned supports the motion to determine title that Jennifer Farber Dulos predeceased Fotis Dulos and never, ever would have left her children voluntarily.”

Unfortunately, Hug does not believe that there will be a lot of funds left for Dulos’ children after all of his debts are paid.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jennifer’s friends and family released a statement this past May in honor of the one year anniversary of her disappearance. While they emphasized that they still love and miss her very much, she is able to live on through her kids, who are very similar to her.

“And we continue to see and sense her in their expressions, their gestures, their laughter, their hugs,” the message read.