Curb That Angelina Obsession. . . Unless You’re in France

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have looked like they just wanted to enjoy the French Riviera, but they’re really setting up roots in France with chateau valued at $30 million. They didn’t buy it (yet), but they have committed to a three year lease. That means one thing: the Brangelina fans are going to have to consider a couple of vacations to spy on the clan.

If they can find them, that is. The new chateau is spread out over 880 acres and includes its own lake, moat, forest, and no less than twenty fountains. Think the States was bad for the kids, with the paparazzi trailing their wildly famous parents? Now they live in a castle. I’m not sure if that does much for the character, per se, but since Angelina’s going to pop, she can get what she wants for now.

Image: WireImage