Lola Consuelos Blasts Her Mom Kelly Ripa’s ‘Thirsty’ Instagram Photos In Rare Mother-Daughter Video Chat

Kelly Ripa’s daughter, Lola Consuelous, opened up about her mom’s “disgusting” social media habits in a new interview.

In conjunction with the famous family’s photoshoot for People magazine’s first-ever “family issue,” the 19-year-old and her mom sat down for a “Like Mother, Like Daughter” chat where they talked about everything from clothes to clap backs in a four-minute segment.

While some of the moments in the chat left mama and daughter a little misty-eyed, the NYU sophomore was more grossed out when her mom started talking about the “thirst trap” photos she sometimes posts of Lola’s dad, actor Mark Consuelos.

Kelly frequently shares photos of her hunky husband without his shirt on and she often calls him by the nickname “Daddy.” She has even said in the past that she purposely posts things that will embarrass her kids, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“That’s disgusting,” Lola said as images of her shirtless dad filled the screen. “I blocked that out of my mind. I forgot that you even did that.”

Lola admitted she’s not sure if she even follows her mother on Instagram anymore and noted that Kelly’s past butt selfie mishap was “ridiculous.” Fans may recall that several years ago, Kelly accidentally sent her in-laws a selfie of her butt (also known as a “belfie”) in her underwear. The risqué photo had been meant for husband Mark.

Lola also gave her mother some advice when it comes to responding to social media trolls: Don’t. The mom of three is known for her clever clap backs and even joked, “That’s why people follow me.”

But the teenager said “irrelevant” people should stay out of their lives.

You can see the full video with Kelly and Lola below.

In comments to the video, some fans related to Lola’s opinion of Kelly’s thirst trap pics.

“Thirsty photos of dad,” one commenter wrote with several laughing emoji.

Others disagreed with Kelly’s daughter regarding how to deal with the online haters.

“Girl, I say you clap back!” one fan wrote with the hashtag, #momsunite.

But most commenters agreed that it was great to get a rare glimpse into Kelly and Lola’s sweet and sometimes complicated relationship.

In addition to their banter about Instagram etiquette, the discussion included several touching moments. Lola thanked Kelly for raising her to be a confident and hardworking woman, and she called the TV star “an amazing example.”

Kelly, meanwhile, praised Lola’s big heart, kindness, and impeccable wardrobe.