PS4 Price Geared To Appeal To Gamers ‘In The Broadest Sense’

The PS4 has had all kinds of rumors floating around about the console since it was first announced. One set of rumors has consistently been floating around what the price of the next gen console will be, and now Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has come out and said that the price of the console will appeal to gamers “in the broadest sense.”

In a recent interview, Denny was quick to say that the company has learned from its previous mistakes when it comes to pricing at launch. The Sony Playstation 3 launched with a price tag of $599 for the 60 GB unit. The 20 GB unit was $499.

In today’s market, those prices would seem rather high. Back when it launched, it was seen as a pretty astronomical MSRP.

The PS4 isn’t yet known by the general public, and, while Denny was relatively forthcoming about the company’s thinking, he wouldn’t say what Sony was looking at for a price point.

Denny wouldn’t offer up any other specifics about the system as a whole either, but he touched on the need to have gamers actually wanting the device. Putting a price tag on the console that is actually attractive is a big part of the though process for Sony it appears.

Some industry insiders believe that there will likely be a subsidized version of both the Playstation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox 720. Microsoft has already started a bit of an experiment when it comes to subsidizing their consoles by offering up a cheaper Xbox 360.

You can get the current generation console for $99 if you also agree to two years of an Xbox Live Gold subscription for $15 a month.

The Sony Playstation 4 is already considered an incredibly desired device, so, if the company can manage to actually price their next console with something people can afford, they could take a big step towards winning the console wars.

What do you think the PS4 is going to cost?