Amanda Cerny Flaunts Her Fit Physique & Jokes That 'The Trash Goes Out More' Often Than She Does

Fitness professional Amanda Cerny took to her Instagram page on Tuesday evening to showcase her figure and crack a pretty solid joke. She referenced the fact that she's been isolating for the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic and it looked like her followers got a kick out of the jest.

The photo showed Cerny squatting down outdoors next to a row of large garbage cans. She wore fuzzy, gray, open-toed slippers along with a brown, long-sleeved, form-fitting crop top and a pair of animal-print workout shorts.

Cerny had her long, dark tresses pinned back away from her face and some of the locks tumbled down over her shoulders. She held the handle of one of the garbage cans with one hand and rested her other forearm gently on her knee.

The comedian and social media icon gazed toward the photographer with a serious expression on her face. She may have been squatting down next to garbage cans, but she seemed intent on acting as if this was as serious as any photoshoot she's ever done.

The 29-year-old flaunted her rock-hard abdominals and showcased her long, lean legs as well. The crop top itself wasn't at all revealing, although it did allow Cerny to show off the curves of her ample bosom.

"Abs on point!!!" one person commented.

The geotag suggested that this upload was snapped in Los Angeles, California. There was a clear blue sky overhead and the sun seemed to be shining brightly, casting shadows around where Cerny was posing.

In her caption, Cerny joked that "the trash goes out more" often than she does. She left it at that, but it seemed to be a clear reference to being cooped up and isolated over the past few months of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Can't stop staring at your abs," a fan declared.

"Why are you so gorgeous," another person questioned.

Cerny has nearly 26 million people following her on Instagram, and they showed her plenty of love when responding to this upload. Over the course of about 13 hours, almost 760,000 folks liked the shot and about 1,950 comments flowed in as everybody showed their appreciation for this quirky snap.

"Damn, look at those abs of steel," someone else raved.

The model and fitness pro has attracted a lot of attention over the years for her insanely chiseled abdominals. Ultimately, she's much more than those abdominals, as she's got a gorgeous figure from head-to-toe. Cerny often cracks jokes about whatever setting she's utilizing for her shoots and this trend always wins over her fans.