Gabby Allen Flaunts Killer Figure In Lace Panties & Tank Top

Gabby Allen has been treating her 1.1 million Instagram fans to a slew of sexy photos in recent days. The most recent update was added to her feed on August 12, and it showed her in lace panties and a tank top.

The post was composed of four slides that showed her in the same sexy attire. In the first image, Gabby shared side-by-side photos and told her audience that the image on the left was snapped before bed, likely after she ate a big bowl of pasta. The image on the right captured her the next morning after she had time to digest. Both of the shots were snapped selfie-style and saw the model posed in front of a mirror.

In the snapshot on the right, Gabby tucked her elbow near her chest and looked into the camera with a sultry stare. She rested her chin on her shoulder and gazed into the camera to ensure she captured the perfect angle. On her upper half, Gabby sported a solid black tank top that she wore rolled up to expose her chiseled abs. The garment had large armholes that allowed her audience to see her toned shoulders and arms.

She opted to rock a pair of panties on the bottom, which left little to the imagination of her eager audience. The bottoms were constructed of lace fabric and boasted a dark purple hue that accentuated her bronze glow. The undies’ thick sides stretched across her hips while its cheeky cut treated fans to a view of her toned booty and legs. She styled her hair with a deep side part, and her hair tumbled over her shoulders and back.

The next upload featured a video of Gabby with the same skimpy attire on the night of her pasta indulgence. The last two videos in the set captured her the next morning. Gabby shared a lengthy caption with her followers explaining that she indulged on ice cream and alcohol when she was on vacation, but she trained hard and ate healthily when she could, reminding fans that balance is the key.

The post has been well-received so far, and it’s garnered over 19,000 likes and 90-plus comments.

“It’s nice to see someone massively in the public eye show their bloat cause I bloat like this daily and always felt like I was the only person who bloated a lot cause everyone around me always seem to have flat tummies. Thank you for sharing this,” one fan applauded.

“Our bodies are magical things!” a second social media user wrote.

“You look sexy no matter what,” one more pointed out.