Seth MacFarlane: ‘Family Guy’ Boston Bombing Hoax Video Is ‘Abhorrent’

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A clip from Family Guy has been circulating around the internet today depicting Peter Griffin setting off a bomb at the Boston marathon. Seth MacFarlane called the edit clip “abhorrent” and Fox has been working to pull the video from the internet.

People have been sharing the clip today saying that Peter Griffin predicted violence at the Boston Marathon. The clip shows Griffin talking to Bob Costas about how he won the Boston Marathon. The video then cuts away to Griffin sitting in a bar as he makes a phone call. A bomb explosion is then heard.

The viral clip, which you can watch below, is actually made up from two different Family Guy episodes. In the episode involving the Boston Marathon, Peter tells Costas that he used his car to finish ahead of his competitors. That real clip has been removed from both and

The Family Guy bombing hoax clip is still widely available on sites like YouTube.

MacFarlane wrote today on Twitter: “The edited ‘Family Guy’ clip currently circulating is abhorrent … The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims.”

Fox spokeswoman Guade Paez said that the clip has already been removed from and There are, however, several versions of the clip on websites like YouTube.

Here’s the Family Guy Boston Marathon bombing clip. This is not a real clip. It splices together scenes from two different episodes. It is distasteful, insensitive, and in the words of Seth MacFarlane, abhorrent.

What do you think of the Family Guy clip? Can you believe that someone thought this would be funny?