Marie Osmond Shows Off A Favorite Quarantine Activity In New Instagram Share

Lucille Barilla

Marie Osmond showed off a favorite quarantine activity in a new Instagram share. The singer, actress and host of The Talk posted two images taken after she completed a puzzle. She spoke about why this particular activity was so much fun and what she loved most about her latest completed project in the caption of the image, which has been liked close to 3,000 times.

In the photo, Marie was seen looking over her right shoulder toward the camera. She appeared to have on a denim jacket with long sleeves. Her brown hair was left long and loose and fell over her right eye in the image. The entertainer smiled brightly for the camera, clearly happy to have finished what looked to be quite a large undertaking. It was unclear if she completed the project by herself or if any of her extended family members had a hand in finishing it.

In the caption, Marie asked her followers what some of their favorite puzzles were. She also revealed how much she loved all the retro toys featured in the puzzle's scene on the table in front of her.

Marie's puzzle appeared to be placed on a black cloth, which likely allowed the pieces to stay put once they were placed in the proper position. Peeking out from the edges of the cloth was a dark wood table.

In front of Marie seemed to be the box, which stood up on its side. She likely used the picture on the box as a guide to assist her through the more challenging aspects of putting it together.

Fans of The Talk host adored the image. Many revealed that puzzling was also a favorite activity during quarantine and a way for their families to spend some quality time with one another.

"I love this!! I've put together 4 while staying at home! I've done two candy puzzles, a donut one, and a pizza one! They are so therapeutic!" remarked one follower.

"Been doing lots with my kids, they appreciate the challenge and I love spending that one-on-one time with them," explained a second fan.

"Oh my gosh we did an outer space one with 1000 pieces that were kind of nuts and I just got another one that is all zebras," said a third Instagram user.

"Love the comedic themes. Just finished a log cabin one. Another of my favorites was a mostly gray tone pirate ship. Then I also did a train in honor of my dad. To name a few!" stated a fourth fan.