Ravie Loso Flaunts Insane Cleavage And Killer Booty In Unzipped Bodysuit

selfie of Ravie Loso
Ravie Loso / Instagram

Instagram sensation Ravie Loso thrilled her 3.2 million followers with her most recent post on Tuesday night. The voluptuous model shared a stunning photo that showed off her unbelievable curves and included a cheerful caption that incited responses from viewers.

The new image racked up just under 20,000 likes in the first hour after it went live.

Ravie wore an olive green bodysuit that clung to her incredible physique and left little to the imagination. It had long sleeves and a front zipper that was open all the way past her breasts, displaying the curves of her immense and impressive cleavage. Her bare skin looked flawless.

The outfit had a skintight fit that extended down her body, emphasizing her hourglass figure.

Ravie posed sitting in a taupe wicker patio chair with a fluffy white cushion. She rested her upper arms along her sides and draped one open palm across her chest, grazing the tops of her breasts.

With her right hand, she reached up to touch the outside brim of her canvas hat, which had a textured camouflage pattern in the same hues as her attire. The underside of the hat had an unidentifiable black-and-white graphic pattern.

The photographer took the image standing in front of Ravie, and the downward angle of the camera accentuated the shape of her curvaceous thighs. Her hips swelled out below her slender waist, creating a distinct “V” creased in the lightweight fabric between her legs.

She sat outside in a patch of bright green grass with sunlight pouring across her body. Her closed eyes were in shadow, but the rest of her face was kissed by the vibrant light overhead. She had a wide, natural smile that showed off her high cheekbones.

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Say Hi when you see this…. I’ll say it back ☺️

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The structure behind Ravie was partially out of view, but she sat in front of two large glass panels framed in horizontal beams of steel. On the left side, there was a shelf holding a row of paperback books. The back cover of the book on the end displayed a color photograph of a woman posing in ripped denim shorts and a black tank top.

Ravie’s dedicated Instagram followers were eager to express their adoration for her sexy appearance, as well as to respond to her caption. Most left affectionate emoji with their hellos. It appeared that, for about the first hour after the post was uploaded, Ravie sweetly answered each comment as promised.