Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Go On An Adorable Beach Bike Ride Together

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari recently enjoyed a beach bike ride while adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks, Hollywood Life reported.

Britney shared a photograph on Instagram of the pair posing while sitting on their bikes right on a trail in front of the sand.

In her lengthy caption, Britney raved about how much “fun” it was for them to spend a beautiful day in the sun. She said that even though they had to keep several feet of distance from one another and wear face coverings, she appreciated the “sense of togetherness” she always feels at the beach.

The mother of two said she always feels tiny next to the ocean and it fills her with a sense of child-like wonder.

Hollywood Life noted that she “waxed poetic about the simple joys” of nature and spending time outside of her mansion in Thousand Oaks, California.

Applying sunscreen, thinking about frozen treats, watching people build sandcastles, and seeing dogs running around were just a few of Britney’s favorite things to see while out.

She concluded by saying everyone should try to spend more time appreciating God “so we can HELP the world today.”

Britney perched on a “seafoam green beach cruiser” and the deep blue sea sparkled beyond them in the background in gentle contrast to the cloudless blue sky.

Aside from her mask, Britney dressed casually in a bright and colorful outfit perfect for a day trip. She pulled her blond hair into a ponytail and rocked a tie-dye blouse and tiny tan shorts that showed off her long, tanned legs. Meanwhile, Sam dressed in a white and black tank top that flattered his bulging arm muscles along with a pair of tight-fitting pants.

Excited to see a new update from their favorite performer, thousands of Britney’s fans flocked to her post and the comments section. It quickly racked up more than 276,000 likes and over 6,800 comments.

“So happy to see you guys out!” wrote one fan alongside a red heart emoji.

“Queen of bikes on the beach boardwalk!!!” gushed another.

“Loved the words you said. The beach always brings a sense of FREEDOM, the limitless body of water so vast that you feel so small and even special. I hope you are happy after this good day and send you all my love!” chimed in a third admirer.

“Beautiful, it is so amazing you are enjoying your time! It makes us happy to see you happy!” added a fourth user.