Ashley Resch Bares Cleavage And Voluptuous Thighs In Provocative Pose

Canadian model Ashley Resch thrilled her 922,000 Instagram followers on Tuesday evening. The blonde bombshell shared a sultry photo flaunting lots of cleavage, and teased fans with a titillating caption.

The post racked up almost 2,000 likes in less than 15 minutes after being uploaded.

Ashley wore a stylish black leotard with intricate detailing that showed off her impressive physique, and posed on her knees atop a fluffy silver throw rug.

The outfit had long sleeves with thin white edging that covered her knuckles. She clutched both sides of the full-zippered front, which was open almost to her waist, displaying her alluring cleavage.

It featured additional white piping around her bust and on either side of Ashley’s shapely hips, lending to the piece’s sporty vibe. An adjustable canvas belt with a black metal clasp and an o-ring in the center encircled the most slender part of her waist.

The bottom of the leotard was cut high over each hip, emphasizing her hourglass shape.

Ashley balanced on the fronts of her shins, knees spread far apart. The pose showed off her voluptuous thighs and the intricately detailed black-and-gray sleeve tattooed on her right leg, as well as a glimpse of some ink on the opposite hip.

She faced the camera head-on, with her head tilted and a sultry expression on her face. Her huge blue eyes were wide open, framed by arched brows. She parted her lips seductively.

A long mane of blond curls was parted off-center and spilled over her right shoulder, covering one of her breasts and grazing her forearm.

Ashley accessorized with a small, gold-colored cross pendant strung on a delicate chain around her neck.

Ashley’s photoshoot occurred in a plain room with white walls and pale wood laminate floors. She posed on the corner of a soft-looking carpet, and what appeared to be the edge of a table was visible in the right corner of the image.

There was an un-curtained window behind her through which a nearby red brick building could be seen.

Ashley’s devoted Instagram followers were eager to express their adoration for the social media celebrity. Most left long series of various affectionate emoji, primarily in the form of heart, flame, peach, and applause symbols. Some elected to put their feelings into words.

“Those legs and thighs are thicker than Popeyes chicken,” mused one fan.

“And taste better,” joked Ashley in response, adding a hand-over-mouth symbol to the comment.