Big Ten Officially Postpones College Football Season Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The move puts the very future of college football in doubt.

big ten football action on the field
Matthew Holst / Getty Images

The move puts the very future of college football in doubt.

The Big Ten college football conference has officially announced that it is postponing its season until further notice, NBC News reported. The Midwestern conference, which includes college football powerhouses such as Michigan and Indiana, hopes to play its season in the spring.

On Monday, The Detroit Free Press, citing individuals who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed that a secret meeting had taken place on Sunday in which the presidents of 12 of the 14 institutions in the conference voted to cancel — and not just postpone — the season. The sources suggested that a formal announcement would be made this week, possibly on Tuesday.

Indeed, the conference did make a major announcement about its season on Tuesday. Contradicting earlier reports, the decision was made to postpone the season, not cancel it.

In a statement, Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren said that the physical and emotional well-being of the players is paramount.

“I’ve said it from the first day that I started at the Big Ten, that the health, the safety, the wellness — both physical and mental — for our student-athletes was going to be at the top of my list,” he said.

big ten college football action on the field
  Matthew Holst / Getty Images

Meanwhile, the announcement did not specify what conditions would have to be met in order for the sport to return in the spring.

Nebraska football coach Scott Frost called the decision “disappointing,” noting that his team is ready to play, and he’s looking at the possibility of his team joining another conference.

However, he may yet find himself without anyone to play against. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the four other major college football conferences, which together with the Big Ten are known as the “Power Five,” are also considering postponing or canceling their seasons. Since those conferences include almost every major name in the top tier of college football, Frost may find his team without much in the way of competition.

With the Big Ten postponing its season, the odds of there being any college football at all have diminished even further. Already, the lower tiers of college athletics — the FCS (which is akin to the lower tier of Division I football), the NCAA Division II, and the NCAA Division III — have all already canceled fall sports, including football.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is mourning the fact that there will more than likely be no college football this fall.

“I think (college) football’s making a tragic mistake,” Trump told Fox Sports Radio’s Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis on Tuesday.