SyFy Series ‘Helix’ Gets First Trailer [Video]

New SyFy series Helix has got its first trailer and it brings just the right amount of confusion and tension. Battlestar Galactica alum Ron D. Moore is behind this new show about scientists who are working in the remote arctic.

The premise behind the show is that the scientists either create or uncover (its unclear which) a brand new virus that could wipe out the human race as we know it.

The trailer gives us very little insight into how the show will unfold or what the virus actually does. We don’t know whether this is going to be another Outbreak or whether the virus is going to mutate people in some way.

SyFy’s new trailer for Helix just shows a rather austere lab that is basically all white. We pan in to a scientist sitting at a microscope. As the apparent scientist starts to turn his head to the camera a black goo begins running out of his ear.

It seems more than likely that this goo is some effect of the virus. The video does a good job of not showing us any more details of what happens when someone is apparently infected.

Moore might be one of the biggest names attached to the project but he is joined by Lynda Obst. Obst’s claim to fame in the Science Fiction community is by producing Contact.

The duo are also joined by executive producer Steven Maeda. Maeda worked as under the same title on Lost.

The network isn’t being very forthcoming with details about the show. There is not an official air date for the premiere but the show is expected to kick off before the end of the year.

Check out the trailer for SyFy’s Helix below and tell us what you think about the video and what the show is going to be like.