ABBA Singer Makes Boston Marathon Joke On British TV [Video]

ABBA pop star Bjorn Ulvaeus made a joke about the Boston Marathon tragedy live on British television this morning, less than 24 hours after the ordeal shocked the world.

The Swedish songwriter was a guest on BBC’s breakfast television show on Tuesday morning, where he was discussing his career. He was also looking to promote his new song, “We Write The Story,” which he wrote in conjunction with former ABBA band mate, Benny Andersson.

The hosts then asked Bjorn why he looked so well. The 67 year-old then responded, “Well, I don’t know, running, is good unless you’re in the Boston Marathon.”

Those around him then failed to respond, so Bjorn quickly added, “Which is terrible,” as he recognised that he had made a faux-pas.

The presenter, Charlie Stayt, then looked to change the subject quickly, noting, “It is terrible and is so difficult for everyone to deal with.” He then looked to change the subject quickly by asking Bjorn about the various songs that he has penned.

People on Twitter reacted in shock to his joke. A user @Pontussengstrom called the comment “truly insensitive” whist @glennalli called it an “awful joke,” and @lassevacklen wrote, “Bad taste. Bad timing. Bad joke.”

As the interview continued Bjorn was asked about the possibility of ABBA reforming for a tour, to which he said, “It is the inevitable question. No, we wouldn’t – I mean, there would have to be a very strong motivation.”

He then added, “The motivation would have to be that we have something fantastic musically to present to the world again, but sadly we don’t have that.”

The world is still struggling to come to grips with the horrible attacks in Boston yesterday, but a good story has emerged from the despair after two competitors in the Boston Marathon decided to get married after they survived the mayhem.

Three people died and hundreds of others were injured after two bombs exploded near the finishing line of the event.