Swaggy C Reveals Why Bayleigh Dayton Couldn't Say No To 'Big Brother All-Stars 2'

Kristen Markel

Former Big Brother contestant, Chris Williams, better known as "Swaggy C" is done with reality television. His wife, Bayleigh Dayton has made a different decision and is currently competing in the all-star version of the show that made them both famous.The Challenge: Total Madness star revealed during an Us Weekly sneak peek of his appearance on Taylor Nolan's Let's Talk About It podcast on Tuesday some reasons behind his wife's decision to appear on this season of the hit program.

The former reality star made the official announcement two months ago, according to Us Weekly. Swaggy C cited the massive drama that comes with being on television and no longer wanted that as a part of his life. The day trader insisted that while some contestants joined for fame or money, he didn't need either. Bayleigh, however, has not come to that decision.

"When Big Brother called for All-Stars, luckily they called for her because if they called for me I would've said no."

"It's more so representation, and if she doesn't get that, then it is what it is. As long as Da'Vonne [Rogers] or somebody, you know what I mean, wins, it's time," Swaggy C revealed.

The former reality star went on to state that Bayleigh had grander goals than just playing -- she wanted to win.

"On top of that, she wants to be the first Black female winner of Big Brother. Let's take away Celebrity [Big Brother] with Tamar [Braxton] — shout out to her — but, like, actually in the 22 seasons, she wants to be the first," he explained.

Swaggy C and Bayleigh met in 2018 when they appeared on BB20 and got engaged during the season finale. The two then went on to compete as a couple on The Challenge. They secretly wed in 2019.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bayleigh revealed on the live feeds that her husband spoke to Da'Vonne after he was evicted from the BB20 house, and she was like a sister to him while his now-wife was still battling it out.

This current season boasts the most diverse cast to date. During the live feeds, some All-Stars recently stated that they underwent racial bias and sexual harassment training. Racial insensitivity has been a huge problem in previous seasons.